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Latest Project: Saudi F1 with Boothclub UAE

Perched at the heart of the fanzone, this circular marvel houses an array of interactive experiences. On the first floor, visitors can step into the shoes of an F1 driver, selecting poses that exude the essence of speed and victory, thanks to the power of AI. Ascending to the second floor, they’re greeted by their transformed images displayed on massive screens, immortalizing their F1 moment.

Latest Project: Rebel Moon AI

To celebrate the release of the sci-fi Netflix film “Rebel Moon,” HMV took its customers on an intergalactic journey, offering them the chance to step into their own sci-fi personas through our immersive AI booth.

This state-of-the-art technology provided event-goers with a futuristic and personalised experience, introducing AI-generated selfies that redefined conventional photo booth interactions. The classic custom-branded booth seamlessly merged with the enchantment of AI, presenting visitors with a dynamic and uniquely tailored encounter.

Latest Project: Lush Lift Photo Experience

Guests could capture their cosmic style using a customisable photo booth built inside the lift in Lush’s flagship store in London. With the option for instant sharing and printing. As visitors exited, the friendly Lush team were on hand to welcome guests with a Lushiverse-branded photo and a goody bag filled with a selection from the new range.

Latest Project: Office Loves Adidas

Shoe retailer Office have teamed up with Adidas for Colour Us Original, championing the power of self expression and embracing an extra bit of colour into your life. In celebration of this exhilarating launch, our new “The Booth” was right there in all its Office X Adidas glory, primed to provide a jolly and interactive experience for our esteemed visitors

What is a custom project?

Whether you opt for a custom-built solution or prefer to create a unique experience using one of our existing booths, we assure you that the resulting output will be specifically tailored to meet your brand’s requirements. Our bespoke packages offer much more than that – they provide an exceptional platform for sharing visual content online and taking your brand exposure to new heights in the digital world.

When should you consider investing in a custom project?

Our bespoke packages aim to provide a platform for sharing visual content online, ultimately helping to enhance your brand exposure in the digital world. This personalized approach allows you to create a unique experience that aligns with your brand’s goals and values. Our campaigns encompass a range of tailored experiences, such as a bespoke video app designed for Calvin Klein’s collaboration with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

Project management

After booking with us we assign you with a project manager that will collaborate with the client to create a comprehensive plan, coordinates with stakeholders, monitors progress, and ensures quality control, all with the goal of delivering a successful custom photo booth that meets the client’s specifications and requirements.



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