Colour Us Original with Adidas

Shoe retailer Office have teamed up with Adidas for Colour Us Original, championing the power of self expression and embracing an extra bit of colour into your life.

In celebration of this exhilarating launch, our new “The Booth” was right there in all its Office X Adidas glory, primed to provide a jolly and interactive experience for our visitors. Attendees had the opportunity to step into The Booth, capture a snapshot, and be handed a polaroid print in four lively shades, all in celebration of the campaign.

For the Colour Us Original activation, we created bespoke screens adorned with both brands styles, accompanied by clear instructions detailing the process for users to take and share their photos. What’s more ‘The Booth’ featured a large screen displaying a slideshow of snaps taken throughout the activation.

The Booth adds a new dimension to the launch event and enhances the overall experience for visitors, increasing user engagement and footfall. 


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