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Our new touch-free photo booth technology will be available to use across shopping centres in the UK. 

As Christmas is around the corner, people are making their way to shopping areas across the country. In today’s current climate, it’s encouraging to see brand activations also making their way back to the shop floor, inspiring the public with fresh Xmas gift ideas. 


Over the next few weeks, our touch-free photo booth will feature in shopping centres as part of a brand activation.


How it works?


The photo experience on the stand will work by visitors standing in a bespoke photo room. The session will begin and take the users photo after a short countdown. The image will appear on a screen along with a code for people to scan using their phone. Then a link will then appear on the phone and upon clicking that link their image will show up on the screen. Moreover, all of which is completed automatically without the need for human touch.


Why choose the touch-free photo booth?


For this specific brand activation, we’ve added many customisable features. Whether it’s in the software or the style of photos you wish to have, the option to customise something that will complement your business is a significant advantage when wanting to create an impression on passers-by.


What’s more, is that you want a booth that is safe for visitors to use. As you can tell within the name of this product, we are proud to say that the touch-free photo booth is 100 percent covid-secure.


Much like our touch-free GIF booth, the hands-free photo booth sports the ability where people can share their images via e-mail and social media. With the touch-free range, drumming up brand engagement is effortless.


If you’re interested in hiring this photo experience for your next activation, feel free to get in touch with [email protected] 


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