About us

A weird, creative bunch of misfits from Essex trying to make ends meet.

About us

Oh hello your majesty, yeah he’s a fan. Now we invite you to come on a Megabooth Journey of wonderful weirdness.

Here it goes, once upon a time, we wanted to get into all the festivals without paying a penny; our idea was to stick a photo booth in the back of a tiny MINI Cooper and drive straight through the festival gates. From there, the rest just magically happened.

Who we are

Those royals can’t get enough. 

According to Chat GPT – Overall, Megabooth is renowned for its ability to transform events into immersive and unforgettable experiences through its innovative photo and video booths, interactive installations, and entertainment services.

Meet the team

creative whizz
head geek
BOOTH extraordinaire
bunny lover
Wedding inspo

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