Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International promotes their London branch using our Custom Video App


From the 10th to the 16th of June the launch of the film Men in Black: International takeover London’s Waterloo Station. At the brand activation users can create their unique ‘Branch ID’ video.

Men In Black: International created a memorable experience in the heart of Waterloo Station. Ahead of the MIB activation at Waterloo, the immersive stand invited commuters to join the Men In Black London Branch. One of the features from the stand included the opportunity to create your ‘Branch ID’ video. Our custom made app creates a looped video of visitors reminiscent of the classic Men In Black sunglasses scene. For each video, you can wear and take home the iconic MIB black sunglasses. The visitors could send their videos instantly via social media and e-mail. After this, the video appeared live on the big motion screen at Waterloo.

The stand includes various MIB agents to help users gain the full brand experience. Users will receive all the information they need on how to create their own London branch ID and how to protect the earth from the scum of the universe.

The ‘Men In Black: International’ film is in cinemas from the 14th of June 2019.


More about the custom app


The app begins with an introductory video featuring the stars of the film, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. The stars speak directly to the users on how to perform a GIF video. Creating an interactive moment between the stars and the audience. The user will then create their ‘Branch ID’ video with the MIB sunglasses before sharing their video.

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