Photo booth transcends into an immersive journey

What is a photo room?

Both light tunnels and shimmer tunnels provide a visually captivating backdrop for photography. These rooms are often used by professional photographers, social media influencers, and creative individuals seeking to create eye-catching images. By combining artistic elements, lighting techniques, and innovative materials, these photo rooms offer a unique blend of creativity and sensory exploration, making them popular destinations for photo enthusiasts seeking to capture extraordinary shots at their event.

When is a photo room used?

Photo sets and tunnels are popular features in various events and occasions where visual aesthetics and interactive experiences are valued. The versatility and creative potential of these elements make them suitable for a wide range of occasions including award evenings, brand activations and private parties looking to add the wow factor.

Why choose a photo room?

In today’s digital age, people love to share their experiences on social media. A photo room offers a visually appealing backdrop and props that are perfect for social media-worthy pictures. This can increase the online visibility and reach of your event as attendees share their photos on various platforms, spreading the word about your event.


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