The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release

The highly anticipated show, The Summer I Turned Pretty, is back for another season on Amazon Prime.

We were there to capture the action with a custom photography experience to mirror the series poster, including instant sharing and printing for an unforgettable experience.

Our custom photography setup was designed to recreate a charming park setting, complete with cosy deck chairs and colourful towels reminiscent of the show’s thematic elements. Each shot perfectly encapsulated the carefree spirit of the series, giving attendees a memory to cherish.

Recognising the event’s potential to create a social media sensation, we seamlessly integrated social sharing. As guests uploaded their photos, a wave of anticipation and excitement swept across platforms, igniting curiosity and drawing even more attention to The Summer I Turned Pretty series.

A delightful celebration of summer, love, and friendship, the event was a testament to the show’s ability to captivate hearts and leave audiences yearning for more.


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