Knock Knock Booth

A weathered wooden door that seems to hold secrets of times past. Its surface, beckons the curious to peer through the lens of a peephole embedded within its ancient frame.

The wooden door, dorned with intricate carvings and a single, gleaming peephole, but not just any peephole. Behind the facade of the door lies a hidden gem: a camera like no other.

A video recording begins, participants find themselves immersed within a scene reminiscent of a bygone era. The fisheye effect adds a touch of nostalgia, framing the world in a charmingly distorted view.

Featuring at the Brits 2024, our Knock Knock Booth allowed guests to immerse themselves towards the mysterious wooden door, getting an exclusive VIP pass to all the action, from the mundane to the magnificent.

Our Knock Knock Booth is a gateway to memories, laughter, and unexpected connections, all immortalised through the lens of the hidden photo booth beyond.


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