Club Pret Launch

Pret a Manger has recently unveiled its latest subscription service: Club Pret.

Club Pret is a subscription service that provides customers with five expertly crafted barista drinks daily, as well as a 10% discount on their entire menu.

To celebrate this exciting launch, Pret hosted events in three of its restaurants across the country. As part of the festivities, our brand new sleek gold-tinted Modern Classic Booth was there to provide a fun and interactive experience for visitors.

The Modern Classic Booth at Club Pret proved to be a hit, offering guests a range of interactive features that added to the overall experience. Visitors were able to capture their photos and had the option to print branded photos or receive them via email, providing a fun and memorable keepsake from the event.

The addition of the photo booth added a new dimension to the launch events and enhanced the overall experience for visitors. Pret a Manger’s innovative approach to customer engagement and promotion is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences.

modern classic photo booth
modern classic photo booth

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