Classic Booth

The perfect combination of nostalgia and innovation, making it a hit at any event.

Latest Project: Office Loves Adidas

Shoe retailer Office have teamed up with Adidas for Colour Us Original, championing the power of self expression and embracing an extra bit of colour into your life. In celebration of this exhilarating launch, our new “The Booth” was right there in all its Office X Adidas glory, primed to provide a jolly and interactive experience for our esteemed visitors

What is the Classic Booth?

The booth has a super sleek design with a wooden structure and a clean interior to create an intimate and nostalgic feel. However, the modern and interactive tech inside will help maximise engagement.

When is the Classic Booth used?

In terms of technology, the photo booth has the latest iPad functionality, ensuring that every photo is sharp and clear. The booth will also have a touchscreen display that allows guests to preview their photos before printing, as well as edit and enhance them with various features. Perfect for semi-permanent installations, retail campaigns, and experiential tours.

Club Pret Photo Experience, classic booth
4 picture photo layout classic booth

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