Many Pets Petting Booth

Pet insurance company Many Pets host a de-stress petting booth at London’s Kings Cross station.

Many Pets GIF booth hire

Many Pets partnered with Pets as Therapy UK, a charity that boosts the well-being of thousands in the UK. Pets as Therapy allow people to spend quality time with companion animals. A Many Pets study found that cuddling and stroking pets is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. So passers-by in Kings Cross could take time out of their day, visit the de-stress petting booth, spend time with the beautiful dogs, and relax. Simple but effective.

To add further information to the Many Pets study, they were asking visitors what’s stressing them out at the moment and why the petting booth is helping them.

Pets as therapy - gif booth

Our GIF booth featured on the stand, capturing boomerangs of visitors and their time with the dogs. Once guests make their GIFs, they could send them to themselves via email, where they can post them on social media to boost the activation by Many Pets.


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