Domino’s Wrestle Mexicana

Domino's brought the electrifying world of Mexican wrestling back to the UK in honour of their latest culinary creation, The Ultimate Chicken Mexicana pizza.

The iconic Village Underground in London served as the venue for the pizza’s grand launch, featuring four action-packed Lucha Libre matches throughout the night. Guests had the opportunity to witness the thrilling wrestling bouts while indulging in the flavours of the new Chicken Mexicana pizza, creating a truly immersive and captivating evening for all.

To immortalise the excitement, our skilled photographer and custom printing station were positioned in front of a specially designed Domino’s branded backdrop, ready to capture the moments. Love Island stars Maura Higgins, Tallia Storm, and Faye Winter arrived for the occasion, having their photo taken and collect prints with the Ultimate Chicken Mexicana theme.


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