It’s the dawn of a new era where each snapshot becomes a tailored masterpiece, reflecting individuality in every click.

In the fast-paced world of technological innovation, AI is leaving its indelible mark on various aspects of our lives, and photobooths are no exception.

But what does an AI photo booth look like?

Introducing AI to photo booths promises to be a revolution in how we capture and relive moments.

AI-driven photobooths are set to redefine personalisation. Facial recognition capabilities will elevate photobooth interactions. These smart systems will not only capture static poses but also recognise subtle expressions, ensuring that the images resonate with genuine emotions. The future photobooth is dynamic, responding to the mood and energy of those inside.

Instantly generated, instantly shared.

We know how important it is to capture and share instantly. That’s why our AI-enhanced photos are generated in a flash and ready for instant sharing. Watch as our AI algorithms instantly transform your photos, blending you and your guests seamlessly into your chosen theme creating one-of-a-kind image. Expect the unexpected.

Formula 1 Grand Prix AI Booth Saudi Arabia 4

Recent Projects

Saudi Arabian F1

Perched at the heart of the fanzone at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, this circular marvel houses an array of interactive experiences. On the first floor, visitors can step into the shoes of an F1 driver, selecting poses that exude the essence of speed and victory, thanks to the power of AI. Ascending to the second floor, they’re greeted by their transformed images displayed on massive screens, immortalizing their F1 moment.

Rebel Moon AI Booth

Our AI Booth for Rebel Moon revolutionised event experiences with personalised AI-generated selfies. The fusion of this technology and lunar exploration mirrors humanity’s quest for innovation beyond Earth. Join us in this futuristic journey of discovery with AI…
Celebrating Netflix’s latest release ‘Rebel Moon’, our AI booth partnered with HMV stores across the UK including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Lakeside, Manchester, and Southampton. Visitors could transform into their own sci-fi character in seconds. Our AI analyses style, expressions, and features for hyper-realistic, personalised selfies.

Superdug AI Booth

Superdrug welcomed 500 of their fantastic suppliers to join them for their annual Supplier Conference in London. It was an opportunity for the brand to get everyone together and see how they can collaborate in 2024 to become more successful. As a treat to the suppliers, we teamed up with Superdrug to create an AI booth, a first of it’s kind.

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