Top 5 Events of 2023

From captivating collaborations to futuristic experiences, join us as we revisit our standout events from the year...

Office X Adidas Pop Art Booth

In 2023, Office and Adidas joined forces for their collaboration, Colour Us Original, celebrating self-expression and injecting vibrant hues into life. The highlight was “The Booth,” our Office X Adidas installation offering an interactive experience. Attendees stepped in, captured moments, and received pop art prints in four lively shades, embracing the spirit of the campaign.

Bespoke screens adorned with both brands’ styles guided users through the photo process for easy sharing. ‘The Booth’ featured a large screen displaying a dynamic slideshow of snapshots taken during the activation. This addition brought a new dimension to the launch, enhancing the visitor experience and driving user engagement.

The collaboration not only celebrated self-expression but also left a lasting impression, making it one of the standout events of 2023. ‘The Booth’ successfully united the worlds of fashion and technology, creating a memorable space where attendees could embrace individuality and celebrate the power of colour in an exciting and interactive way.

Lush Lift Activation

Lush hosted an exclusive event at their flagship store on Oxford Street, unveiling a preview of their 2023 festive collections. Dubbed the “Lushiverse,” the event welcomed fans into a whimsical world to discover the seasonal twists on beloved classics for Diwali, Halloween, and Christmas.

Guests were equipped with a handy map to navigate through the event’s highlights, which included a live DJ, an array of cocktails, a Lush-themed snow-fairy candy floss machine, delectable food, and more. The pinnacle of the occasion was the “Lushiverse Lift Experience,” where attendees could capture their cosmic style through a customisable photo booth, offering instant sharing and printing options.

Customisable Lift Photo Booth - Lush Photo Experience

As guests departed, the friendly Lush team greeted them with a Lushiverse-branded photo and a goody bag filled with selections from the new range. This special event not only provided an exclusive glimpse into this years festive collections but also immersed attendees in a magical experience, making it a memorable occasion for Lush enthusiasts.

Glambot for Sky Bet

At the Championship Play-off Final with Sky Bet, the Glambot took centre stage as Luton Town played Coventry City at Wembley Stadium.

The Glambot, exuding glamour, seamlessly integrated into the jubilant celebrations alongside the victorious Luton Town players post-match. In collaboration with the dynamic Sky Bet team, we elevated the experience by capturing mesmerising 4K high-definition videos. These captivating visuals were then shared on Sky Bet’s social media platforms, providing fans with an immersive and front-row perspective of the electrifying post-match moments.

The partnership between the Glambot and Sky Bet not only enriched the celebration of Luton Town’s remarkable achievement but also ensured that fans could relish and share the euphoria of this historic journey from the National League to the prestigious Premier League.

Odd Muse

In commemorating Odd Muse’s inaugural showcase at London Fashion Week, the luxury slow-fashion womenswear brand showcased its commitment to creating enduring wardrobe pieces. Emphasising longevity and quality, Odd Muse strives to bridge the divide between fast fashion and elusive luxury, offering timeless items that stand the test of time.

Adding a touch of glamour to the celebration, our studio booth was expertly arranged to capture impeccable, airbrushed photos of the attendees. The custom branding on the prints served as a distinctive mark, commemorating this significant event, which unfolded shortly after the brand’s three-year anniversary. The collaboration between Odd Muse and our studio booth provided a memorable and visually striking experience for guests during their milestone appearance at London Fashion Week.

Rebel Moon AI Activation

Rebel Moon AI Photo Booth
Rebel Moon AI Photo Booth

To celebrate the upcoming release of the sci-fi Netflix film “Rebel Moon,” HMV took its customers on an intergalactic journey, offering them the chance to step into their own sci-fi personas through our immersive AI booth.

This state-of-the-art technology provided event-goers with a futuristic and personalised experience, introducing AI-generated selfies that redefined conventional photo booth interactions. The classic custom-branded booth seamlessly merged with the enchantment of AI, presenting visitors with a dynamic and uniquely tailored encounter.

Through advanced AI algorithms, facial features, expressions, and personal styles were analysed to craft hyper-realistic images that mirrored each individual’s distinctive characteristics. The outcome transcended mere snapshots, delivering one-of-a-kind selfies that captured the essence of the person.

The process was effortless—attendees entered the booth, struck a pose, and let the AI weave its magic. Within seconds, the booth produced high-quality images, surpassing typical filters and enhancements. From skin tone to hair texture, the AI considered every detail, ensuring authenticity in the generated image.

Enthusiastic users shared their unique AI-generated selfies on social media, creating a buzz around “Rebel Moon” and HMV. This engagement not only captivated event attendees but also extended the campaign’s reach to a broader audience, making it a memorable and shareable experience.


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