NFL in London

The 2023 NFL season has kicked off, and it's London's turn to play host to three games in this competitive season.

The inaugural game of the International Series for 2023 took place on the 1st of October at Wembley Stadium, witnessing The Jacksonville Jaguars facing the Atlanta Falcons. The two games to follow unfold at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, with the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans on the home side for their respective matches.

Since 2017, the NFL and its affiliated venues in London have commissioned our photo booths at events since 2017, capturing the moments leading up to these highly anticipated games.

This year, we set up at London’s Bar Kick for a viewing party to commemorate the Jacksonville Jaguars’ triumph at Wembley. Our digital photo booth, partnered with a bespoke American football field backdrop, offered entertainment throughout the day. The booth featured interactive technology, allowing guests to select their preferred position and team from the NFL international series.


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