MLB London Series – Trafalgar Square

The Major League Baseball brought a taste of American baseball to the heart of London with an epic three-day event that took over Trafalgar Square. Our captivating Glambot and branded photo pod were on hand to document all the excitement.

Fans were treated to a special celebration in honour of the New York Mets’ showdown with the Philadelphia Phillies at the London Stadium in a thrilling 2-game series scheduled for June 8 and 9.

The event also featured our MLB-branded glambot and photo pod. The photo pod turned out to be a big hit among attendees. Guests had the opportunity to snap a picture and instantly receive a printed copy and share it via email.

The Glambot, with its entertaining and engaging concept, had fans eagerly queued up to create exciting slow-mo videos. The robot arm from the glambot would move forward to capture captivating footage of fans cheering for their cherished teams. It was an engaging and immersive experience that added an extra spark to an already amazing event.

Overall, the Major League Baseball’s London event was an incredible success, bringing the thrill of baseball to a whole new audience and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.


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