L’Oréal Metal Detox

Hair care brand L’Oréal hosted an event celebrating their Metal Detox range.

The London-based luxury jewellery shop The Alkemistry partnered with L’Oréal to share their space for a pop-up hair salon to showcase the metal detox products.

L’Oréal invites the public to schedule a hair appointment at The Alkemistry to sample the Metal Detox range. Guests waiting for their hair care session can get a bracelet fitting courtesy of The Alkemistry’s jewellers. The food and drink handed out at the event fit within a golden/honeycomb theme to match the golden colour of the metal detox product.

We’ve installed our Gold Shimmer premium backdrop equipped with a custom L’Oréal logo at the store. The shimmer background fits in seamlessly with the gold theme of the event and boosts the brand experience that L’Oréal has created.

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