JD X Levi’s New Icon Launch

Our branded studio booth was in Leicester Square to capture the premiere of the brand new Lord of the Rings spin-off The Rings of Power.

JD X LEVI'S Fashion Photo Booth
JD X Levi's Sinead Harnett Photo Booth

Lord of the Rings fans, this is for you. The brand new spin-off Rings of Power is arriving on September 2nd. 

Currently, Leicester Square is transformed into Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings creator J.R.R Tolkien’s fictional world.

The Rings of Power story is set a thousand years before The Lord of the Rings events. In the show, you’ll see both familiar and new characters attached to a storyline where a conquest to stop the Dark Lord Sauron from ruling Middle-earth.

We hosted our studio photo pod at the event, where fans could capture and email their Rings of Power branded picture and have a likely chance of winning tickets to the premiere the next day.

The studio photo pod fitted seamlessly within the event, wrapped with Rings of Power branding. What’s more, the step and repeat photo opportunity gave fans even more enthusiasm to see the premiere and a chance to further interact with the Rings of Power experience.

Branded Digital Photo Booth
Levi's New Icon Collection Branded Photo Booth


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