Do’s & Don’ts this Christmas

'Tis the season to be merry, and nothing screams "festive fun" like a Christmas party, especially with a Photo Booth - the gift that keeps on giving, particularly when paired with a generous helping of festive spirits.

As we gear up for the most wonderful time of the year, let’s explore the hilarious highs and lows of navigating your way through Christmas soirées.

Finesse the Festive Fashion:

DO: Embrace the ugly jumper trend; bonus points for ones that light up or jingle.

DON’T: Overestimate the integrity of your Christmas-themed accessories. That tinsel hat might not survive the dance floor.

Navigate the Nibbles:

DO: Sample the seasonal favourites. From mince pies to pigs in blankets, consider your taste buds on a festive adventure.

DON’T: Be the human hoover, you might end up on the naughty list.

Libation Liberation:

DO: Partake in the festive libations, but pace yourself. Christmas spirits are best enjoyed in moderation. You want to remember the night, not just the headache.

DON’T: Engage in a contest of “who can out drink Santa.” Excessive imbibing might lead to a dance floor disaster or an inadvertent karaoke solo.

Photo Booth Protocol:

DO: Embrace the photo booth with enthusiasm. This is your chance to immortalise your festive spirit.

DON’T: Hog the photo booth. Remember, dignity is not an accessory you can leave in the booth.

The Gracious Exit:

DO: Know when it’s time to bid adieu. A well-timed exit ensures you leave on a high note, preserving the memory of your impeccable dance moves.

DON’T: Overstay your welcome. Leaving the party at the right moment is an art form.


So there you have it – a guide to navigating Christmas with photo booth pizzazz and just the right amount of festive spirits. May your snapshots be scandalous and your hangovers be mild. Merry Christmas!


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