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Twitter Activated Vending Machine

Tweet for a Treat – Twitter Activated Vending Machine

UPDATE: The interactive vending machine can now be configured to work with Instagram and SMS.

Tag an image on Instagram with a hashtag to receive a product / reward and the vending machine can reply to the users’ Tweet, generating a more personal interaction such as ‘check out this product’ etc.
Rather than simply using a Hashtag you could go further and ask for an answer to a question, their favourite product, star sign, etc. etc. and personalise the product that way

Megabooth’s Twitter activated vending machine is the latest innovation in social media technology, offering customers an opportunity to trade their tweets for treats. The newest product to our extensive range of social media installations, including hashtag printing, animated GIFs and Mobile Printing, pushes the boundaries of social media technology and the much admired original wall mounted vending machine – an impressive feat in it’s own right.

The automated service works by prompting the consumer to ‘tweet’ a specific #hashtag to a dedicated @handle from their smart phone, the specific hashtag then initialises the vending machine to dispense a product. The vending machine can dispense almost any product of your choice, from delicious sweets and snacks to t-shirts and funky props. The products dispensed from the machine can be personalised depending on the message, if your promotion involved different colours, you could hashtag your preferred colour and that one would be dispensed. The system is simple to install and maintain and stays connected via an internet connection.*

This reliable and robust intelligent vending machine is a great way to increase brand exposure on social media and allows you to engage with your audience in a new and compelling way, by rewarding them for tweeting a unique hashtag surrounding your event/brand.

We can work with you to develop an event social media strategy and create a bespoke branded vending machine fit for purpose for product launches and promotional events

The Twitter Activated Vending Machine Works by…

1. Set up the event hashtag and we will initialise the vending machine
1. Create signage to prompt customers to Tweet the machine/event/brand
2. Our system will pick up this message in under 2 seconds and refreshes after each use.
3. The product of your choice (from single items to product-filled custom bags) will be automatically vended
4. A message about your brand has now been communicated to all of the followers of the user..

*The system is simple to install and maintain and stays connected via an internet connection, via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G.

Twitter Acivated Vending Machine  | Megabooth

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