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GIF Photo Booth

GIF Photo booth – Boomerang Bursts, Animated GIFs and Social Media

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Our unique photo booths have been fully integrated with a range of GIF animations that allow users to share quickly and effectively on social media – making it a great marketing tool at events.

Boomerang GIF photo booth

Boomerang Photo Booth

Boomerang style GIF photo booth

Instagram’s new boomerang feature has taken the social media selfie world by storm, so it was only a matter of time we integrated the technology into our photo booth software. The boomerang style GIF turns the most simple of movements into a hilarious sequence of photos processed in super quick time. The burst of photos can be shared as a short movie on Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. Boomerang GIF booth is available with data capture and a tracking facility with all the photos hosted on our website post event.

The Boomerang GIF photo booth provides a digital photo that can be customised to fit your brand or campaign and include preset text for Twitter and Email, to ensure you can track activity on social media. With Facebook you can add a link that directs users to your Facebook page to gain some valuable likes.

Social Media GIF Photo booth

Social Media GIF Booth

Retail photo kiosk to increase brand exposure on social media

The social media GIF photo booth is designed to be unmanned for medium to long term brand activations. It’s perfect for retail and fashion stores, cinemas, festivals, exhibitions and bars who are looking to increase brand exposure on social media on daily basis. The standalone GIF booth is a fun way to raise brand awareness or promote a campaign and in return increase engagement with the consumer. This can be achieved by adding a ‘best photo wins’ competition to incentivise consumers to interact with your digital online services or can be use for product placement.
Retail and fashion stores in particular spend a small fortune every month on advertising and finding new ways to reach a new audiences and gain impressions do come at an great cost. The social media GIF photo booth provides something that can create a buzz in-store and online and give something back to the consumers.

The benefit of booking for a long-term campaign is that you can personalise the software and the structure it’s housed in. Just by adding a logo or hashtag to every social media upload will help you see how well you are engaging with customers online.
Our social media GIF software includes a tracking system to measure the impact of a campaign and the number of shares made. We can also provide a service of hosting all the images snapped on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


GIF Photo Booth with prints

How to make animated GIFs with our photo booths

Adding an animated GIF to your photo booth experience allows you to create engaging imagery that can be printed and shared instantly on social media. The GIF functionality is compatible with all our photo booths and does offer a variety of exciting features, including personalised photos, Instagram ready square GIFs and the ability to have more control over your photo with GIF animations, multiple frame options and changing the frame rates per second. The GIF service is available with data capture and a tracking facility with all the photos hosted on our website post event.

You have the ability to personalise the digital GIF photo and add your branding to the print outs that will be displayed in a 4 picture grid layout. For social media sharing you can include preset text for Twitter and Email and we recommend including a hashtag to make sure you can track activity on Twitter. When uploading to Facebook you have the option to direct users to your business page to gain more likes.
The GIF photo booth is available for weddings, corporate events, fashion outlets and experiential campaigns. We’ve worked with the likes of MTV, Ray Ban, Uniqlo, Lego and BING on a number of campaigns and tours across the UK. This service is available with tracking reports and data capture.


Photo booths? Dedicated freestanding booth, photo pod, taxi photo booth and eco photo booth.
Event type? Retail stores, social media campaigns, product launches and marketing.
Personalisation? Add a company logo, promote a campaign or put our GIF software into a permanent fixture at your venue or store.
Easy to use?Simple to use, interactive and instant social media sharing – plus a friendly Megabooth photo technician to jump in on your photos.
Cost? Prices start from £550+vat

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Social Media GIF Booth
Social Media GIF Booth
Megabooth are leading the way in the GIF photo booth revolution. Add a GIF and create engaging imagery that can be shared on social media instantly.