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LED Photo Booth

The retro LED photo booth

A modern twist on a vintage classic, our LED photo booth literally lights up any occasion, whether you’re holding a club night, launching a new business venture or organising a special celebration.

One of our first and our most successful booths, our LED lightbox is pattered with high-definition LED lights that subtly change colour with your music or can be set to one colour theme all night long. You could opt for the same hue as the scheme at your wedding reception venue or you could decide to go for the colour which ties in best with your company’s branding.

Fitted with a high-quality camera and flash, the lightbox can be used to capture images of your guests just about anywhere, whether your venue is a club, a garden, a function room or even on the runway at a fashion show. We can position the booth wherever you want, whether you’d like to snap guests as they enter the door or whether you want to create a special zone elsewhere in your venue.

Already, some of the world’s most iconic and innovative brands including Mercedes Benz, Virgin, Spotify, Costa Coffee, Visa and Santander, have spotted the potential in our LED photo booth.

Guests use the touch screen to snap beautiful, quirky, stylish photographs of themselves which can be shared instantly using our social media tools. It means our LED booth can be set up at your company event as part of an effective social media marketing campaign or simply to share special mementos of your occasion, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary, with your friends and family.

It’s particularly effective for club nights because, even in dimmed lighting, the LED booth shines like a beacon, drawing guests in to have their image captured. Luminous, and beautifully styled with clean, sleek lines will bring the essential wow factor to any event, whether a private celebration or corporate milestone.

We recently branded the LED photo booth for Red Bull, check out the finished product Red Bull Booth

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