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Branded Photo Booth Marketing Campaigns – Data Capture

The modern world is driven by data, we all know that. Email addresses are precious things, but with our custom Data Capture technology we offer anyone pictured the option of email themselves four shots courtesy of our user friendly touch screen. Megabooth can provide also provide data capture using our custom built software on iPad Minis.

Experimental Marketing

Since 2012, Megabooth have also offered a Videobooth. Booked several times by a range of private and corporate clients, this movie based alternative to our themed photobooth is a great way of promoting your product or brand in fresh and exciting modern ways that really stand you out from the crowd. In 2013 We also transformed a Ford Fiesta into a photo booth to launch there new model car and recently created an eye watering VW Camper Van for Swarovski Crystals.


Every customer who hires from Megabooth will be given the option of a Facebook Gallery: these Galleries are a fantastic social media network promotion tool and are guaranteed to have great effects on the social profiles of companies, products and individuals by engaging fans and followers to interact with fun content.

All our booths can be fully integrated with social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and other platforms via w-fi so that your guests, friends and family members can upload their pictures immediately to their favourite website.

Photo Booth Tours

Having also toured with Boots and Hackett, in 2011, Megabooth teamed up with globally recognized media company Universal to put on the official UK Barbie Tour. We accompanied them to a range of events for a whole week and it was a resounding success with children and parents alike. Lasting a whole week but making a much more enduring impression, it’s a perfect example of how we can help promote and add exposure to your brand, album, film or whatever else, wherever you are in the country.

Not only do booths promote the product outside the event venue, but they also act as a moving advertisement while driving across the UK from one destination to another.