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The Art Of The Brick

By Rachel Posner on September 29, 2014 in Blog

The Art of the Brick – Exhibition – Old Truman Brewery

This might be our inner child bursting out, but Nathan Sawaya’s Art Of The Brick exhibition sounds like one of the most extraordinary showcases happening in London right now. The UK debut of Nathan Sawaya’s internationally renowned Lego exhibition started in June and will run to the beginning of January at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London. The exhibits on show have been created with millions of Lego building blocks and is unique in it’s scope, which ranges from new conceptual pieces to replicas of iconic classical artwork. The exhibition has been a global success attracting millions worldwide while at the same time breaking attendance records all over, thanks to some of the most extraordinary and innovative pieces that speak to generations spanning over 80 years.

The Art Of The Brick | Lego Exhibition | The Old Truman Brewery


New York based artist Nathan Sawaya builds custom three-dimensional sculptures and large-scale mosaics from popular everyday items, but remains best known for his work with standard LEGO toy bricks. His impressive portfolio is littered with all kinds of awe-inspiring pieces of ‘Lego’ art, created out of the most unlikely things. The lego exhibit has been described as both playful and beautiful and encompassing Sawaya’s obsessively and painstakingly attention to detail.

“I like using LEGO bricks as a medium because I enjoy seeing people’s reaction to artwork created from something with which they are familiar. …My goal is to elevate this simple plaything to a place it has never been before. I also appreciate the cleanliness of the LEGO® brick. The right angles. The distinct lines. But, from a distance, those right angles and distinct lines offer new perspectives, changing to curves.”

The Art Of The Brick | Lego Exhibition | The Old Truman Brewery

Sawaya’s latest exhibit has earned him a top position in the world of contemporary art and has created a new dimension by merging pop art a and surrealism. If, like us, you’ve found yourself wandering down nostalgic avenue you won’t want to miss these fascinating sculptures created by countless individual pieces that you could only have dreamt of when attempting to make your miniature firetruck for the umpteenth time…

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