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Photo Booths Help Reduce Stress

By Rachel Posner on May 6, 2015 in Blog

New study reveals photo booths reduce stress levels.. true story

A new study has revealed that photo booths can help reduce stress levels even more so than yoga, meditation, running and any other form of cardio exercise. Before we reveal the research by a number of top German Psychologists, we thought you should know this is not our new selling technique to lure you into hiring a photo booth; it’s just a matter of fact!

Photo Booths help reduce stress

The research conducted on a group of 30 women and men outlined that the majority of them enjoyed taking their own pictures and group photos with friends when compared to other methods to relieve stress. The discovery on the participants, many of whom had symptoms of depression and other mental health issues, saw a positive change in their mood when they started taking pictures, making silly faces and enjoying the hilarious props.

We know from experience that once you hop into our retro Beetle photo booth or jump off the walls in our giant inflatable chrome photo cube, whilst sporting a comical moustache, hippie sunglasses, giant wig and oversized lips, you lose all your inhibitions.

Photo Booths help reduce stress

“These days, you have photo booths in every other party or event and people love taking group pictures in those photo booths. What is more interesting is that fact that, more than taking picture it is the good time that people get to spend with their friends makes them feel happy, and when you’re happy you relieve stress. Undoubtedly, photo booth makes an event more interactive and fun,” said James Muller, a Psychologist from tank

If you’re thinking about hiring a photo booth to relieve any unwanted stress on your wedding day or to create a relaxed atmosphere at your store launch or simply trying to encourage interaction through a team building exercise in your workplace don’t just take our word for it, listen to the experts!

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Photo Booths Help Reduce Stress
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Photo Booths Help Reduce Stress
Photo booths help reduce stress. A study by German psychologists has revealed photo booths reduce stress levels more than yoga and meditation.

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